a floral bouquet as a housewarming gift

A colorful floral cupcake bouquet with a variety of garden flowers, berries and succulents ordered by our Patron as a housewarming gift.

A bright and colorful gift for a housewarming celebration.

A beautiful cupcake bouquet with a variety of colorful flowers for a holiday party

This deliciouslycolorful cupcake bouquet was the talk of the town at a holiday party.

cupcake bouquets for a bridal shower

CupcakeBouquets that decorated a bridal shower party.

A bouquet with a variety of yellow flowers created to cheer up a dear one

This yellow and white floral bouquet was requested by our Patron to be created and delivered to her dear friend in Philadelphia who recently suffered a loss of a family member. 

We hand-delivered this profusion to a client in Pennsylvania for a casual dinner party.

A bouquet of cupcakes decorated with roses as a Mother's Day gift

Made with plenty of love, this bouquet of buttercream roses was a gift from a daughter to her wonderful mom on Mother's Day!

Mother's Day 2020made special by this lovely and pleasant cupcake bouquet.

Our client requested this multi-colored floral cupcake bouquet as a parting gift for her manager, to wish him success in his future endeavors.

A colorful cupcake bouquet created for a dear friend's birthday

This hyper-realistic cupcake bouquet was a very thoughtful gift to a dear friend with a sweet tooth and an eye for details!

Valentine's day cupcake bouquet

This Valentine's Day, love will bloom with this beautiful cupcake bouquet decorated with an assortment of pretty buttercream flowers.

Personalized yellow floral bouquet for a Sweet 16

Thisprofusion of yellow cheerful flowers was gifted by loving parents to their wonderful daughter on her Sweet 16.

A Thanksgiving cupcake bouquet with pumpkin pie spice cupcakes decorated with colorful fall flowers and foliage

Looking for a way to say "Thank you" this Thanksgiving? This lovely cupcake bouquet with mini-pumpkins, fall flowers and foliage is perfect for gifting and entertaining !

Lavender floral cupcake ensemble - a gift of friendship from Mark to Sonia.

A Christmas tree made out of an arrangement of cupcakes topped with a chocolate star

A mini Christmas tree made out of an arrangement of cupcakes - a perfect centerpiece at a holiday dessert table.

Floral cupcake bouquets as centerpieces for guest dinner tables

These colorful floral cupcake bouquets were ordered by a popular chain of hotels for their Client Appreciation dinner. The bouquets doubled as beautiful centerpieces and desserts which were much appreciated by all the guests.


Looking for an unforgettable and sweet gift for a loved one? At 350 Degree Fahrenheit, our award-winning artist Ramya Murthy creates the most delicious and hyper-realistic buttercream floral cupcake bouquets. Be it a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, our cupcake bouquets will be a gift to remember for years to come. The beauty and the comforting taste are sure to brighten your loved one's day! Many children have been a fan of our cupcakes and pull apart cupcakes that bring their favorite story book character to life. Brides and expectant mothers approach us with requests to make their showers unique with our custom designed cupcake platters and cupcake party favors.

An assortment of barnyard animal cupcake toppers for Arya's 5th birthday.

fortnite birthday cupcake

For Lavar's 11th birthday bash - a daring set of Fortnite cupcakes!

Super Mario themed power-up cupcakes for Super Liam's birthday party!

A cake and cupcake ensemble for Andrew's 30th birthday featuring memorable moments captured on the camera by his dad.

first communion cupcakes with cross topper

Chocolate crosses top cupcakes of a variety of flavors for a First Communion celebration. 

Lion King themed cupcakes for a baby shower

Lion King themed Baby Shower cupcakes to welcome the pride the family.

A buttercreamfloral cupcake garden for Shanice's 24th birthday celebrations.

Floral cupcake platter for a party

A variety of buttercream flowers adorn this cupcake platter for a dinner party

Little snowflake themed cupcakes for a baby shower

Little Snowflake themed Baby shower cupcakes for the dessert table.

a handmade custom chess board with cupcakes and candy chess piece toppers.

A chess cupcake set (with chess piece toppers made of candy) for a fine young gentleman and a budding Chess Master!

Leo, a budding NYC Subway enthusiast enjoyed these delicious cupcakes on his 3rd birthday.

Pink and purple buttercreamwater lily cupcakes for Lily's naming ceremony, packaged and ready to be delivered to the party venue.

superhero cupcakes for a birthday party

Justice League themed birthday cupcakes for budding Superheroes

paw patrol theme birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes for a Paw Patrol themed party.

ConGRADulations Prajwal!

Made out of cupcakes, Mama Imelda from the movie coco - a favorite character of a young Patron.

Transportation-themed fondant cupcake toppers

Handmade fondant cupcake toppers for Leo's transportation-themed 2nd birthday party 

pull apart CUPCAKEs

A pull apart cupcake platter decorated in the outer space theme with cheesecake cupcakes

Space themed pull apart cupcake platter with cookie toppers for Ishaan's out-of-the-worldbirthday party at school.

A pull apart mini cupcake platter in the shape of a heart with a personalized message for your Valentine

A pull-apart mini cupcake platter in the shape of a heart with a personalized message was a perfect gift for the Valentine!

A cheerfulfloral arrangement to say "Thank you!"

A simple and elegant Christmas Wreath cupcake-cake for a Patron' s Christmas party. Pinecones were created out of chocolate ganaché while the pine leaves were piped individually with tinted buttercream.

A custom pull apart cupcake platter for an airplane themed birthday party for toddler

Pull apart cupcakes are fun for play dates as well!

For a jet setter's 6th birthday party at school, featuring postcards of all his favorite landmarks around the world that he has visited till date.

bridal shower pull apart cupcakes with picture of the couple

A bridal shower pull-apart cupcake platter celebrating the love and union of an adventurous couple.

A pull apart cupcake cake for a 6th birthday party at a bowling alley, featuring Kirby, Jocelyn's favorite TV character

For Jocelyn's 6th birthday bash at a bowling alley, featuring Kirby, a favorite TV character. 

A fun and whimsical Day of the Dead themed pull apart cupcakes for Camila's 9th birthday fiesta at her school.

Peppa Pig themed pull apart cupcake platter for a toddler's birthday party

Emma's favorite TV character comes to life on this pull-apart cupcake platter for her 3rd birthday celebrations at the day care.

A pull apart cupcake platter sporting the world map for international theme birthday party

Pull apart cupcakes with flavors from across the world for International Day celebrations