A pull apart cupcake platter decorated in the outer space theme with cheesecake cupcakes

Space themed pull apart cupcake platter with cookie toppers for Ishaan's out-of-this-worldbirthday party at school.

Cupcakes arranged in the shape of "14" and decorated in the green and black color schemefor Sukanyia's birthday.

valentine's day pull apart cupcake platter

A pull-apart mini cupcake platter in the shape of a heart with a personalized message was a perfect gift for the Valentine!

A wonderful way to say

A cheerfulfloral arrangement to say "Thank you!"

a festive Christmas wreath created with cupcakes as the base

A simple and elegant Christmas Wreath cupcake-cake for a Patron' s Christmas party. Pinecones were created out of chocolate ganaché while the pine leaves were piped individually with tinted buttercream.

A sweet playdate treat when best friends get together to have fun

Pull apart cupcakes are fun for play dates as well!

a world map hand-piped on a cupcake platter for a young jet setter

For a jet setter's 6th birthday party at school, featuring postcards of all his favorite landmarks around the world that he has visited till date.

wedding cupcakes in a pull-apart format designed with the couple's favorite picture

A bridal shower pull-apart cupcake platter celebrating the love and union of an adventurous couple.

a bowling alley themed birthday party with Kirby, a favorite tv character

For Jocelyn's 6th birthday bash at a bowling alley, featuring Kirby, a favorite TV character. 


A fun and whimsical Day of the Dead themed pull apart cupcakes for Camila's 9th birthday fiesta at her school.

Queens, NY Peppa Pig pull apart cupcakes

We create Emma's favorite character, Peppa Pig on Emma's 3rd birthday cupcake platter. This was a perfect way to celebrate her birthday at school when Emma and all her friends enjoyed pulling apart their cupcakes. What a fun way to cut a birthday cake!!

a cupcake platter with hand-piped world map for international day celebrations at school

Pull apart cupcakes with flavors from across the world for International Day celebrations 


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