a floral bouquet as a housewarming gift

A colorful floral cupcake bouquet with a variety of garden flowers, berries and succulents ordered by our Patron as a housewarming gift.

A bouquet of cupcakes decorated with roses as a Mother's Day gift

Made with loads of love, this bouquet of buttercream roses was a gift from a loving daughter to her wonderful mom on Mother's Day!

A bouquet with a variety of yellow flowers created to cheer up a dear one

This yellow and white floral bouquet was requested by our Patron to be created and delivered to her dear friend in Philadelphia who recently suffered a loss of a family member. 

A Thanksgiving cupcake bouquet with pumpkin pie spice cupcakes decorated with colorful fall flowers and foliage

Looking for a way to say "Thank you" this Thanksgiving? This lovely cupcake bouquet with mini-pumpkins, fall flowers and foliage is perfect for gifting and entertaining !

A beautiful cupcake bouquet with a variety of colorful flowers for a holiday party

This deliciouslycolorful cupcake bouquet was the talk of the town at a holiday party.

A colorful cupcake bouquet created for a dear friend's birthday

This hyper-realistic cupcake bouquet was a very thoughtful gift to a dear friend with a sweet tooth and an eye for details!

A Christmas tree made out of an arrangement of cupcakes topped with a chocolate star

A mini Christmas tree made out of an arrangement of cupcakes - a perfect centerpiece at a holiday dessert table.

Personalized yellow floral bouquet for a Sweet 16

Thisprofusion of yellow cheerful flowers was gifted by loving parents to their wonderful daughter on her Sweet 16.


Valentine's day cupcake bouquet

This Valentine's Day, love will bloom with this beautiful cupcake bouquet decorated with an assortment of pretty buttercream flowers.

Floral cupcake bouquets as centerpieces for guest dinner tables

These colorful floral cupcake bouquets were ordered by a popular chain of hotels for their Client Appreciation dinner. The bouquets doubled as beautiful centerpieces and desserts which were much appreciated by all the guests.


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