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Diva cake with buttercream flowers in white and pink

A gift of love from Sedat to his dear wife Katerina.

buttercream hydrangea cake for a birthday

Beautiful buttercream hydrangeas adorn this sweet birthday gift from a loving grand daughter to her Grammy.

purple cake with Eiffel Tower, butterflies and flowers for a birthday

Made with love to give with love - a custom designed birthday cake for Angela from Zoe.

Italian dinner dessert - tiramisu cake with white lillies and roses

White lily, the  national flower of Italy, piped with buttercream, made this Italian family reunion dessert (tiramisu mousse cake) inviting and homey.

buttercream rose cascade birthday cake

This birthday cake for Kyndahl is made special by ombré buttercream roses cascading around the cake in a spiral.

A Paris themed buttercream cherry blossoms cake with macarons

A gift from a loving husband to his beloved wife on her birthday - a cake that brought back beautifulmemories from their trip to Paris.

An L-shaped 50th birthday cake decorated with colorful buttercream flowers

A bright and colorful "L-shaped (roman numeral for 50)" birthday treat for Violet's 50th birthday

pink, gold and white floral buttercream cake for Gina Li's 18th birthday

An 18th birthday celebratory cake  - a gift of love from a mother to herdaughter.

family picture adorned with buttercream flowers for a birthday

A gift of love from the husband and the children to the VIP of the family.

buttercream succulents adorn this Mexican themed 40th birthday cake

We custom designed and created this chocolate tres leches cake filled with churros and adorned with buttercream succulents to celebrate Onika's 40th and alsoto remind her of her childhood days in Mexico.

A floral buttercream cake in pink and gold for a little princess' 8th birthday party

A red velvet cake blooming with buttercream flowers for a little princess' birthday banquet.

sugar free birthday cake

Meticulously crafted sugar-free chocolate cake filled with raspberry moussefor a patron's birthday celebration.

Sheet cake to celebrate Meher Baba's life

A sheet cake to celebrate Meher Baba's life

a birthday cake for a mother by her dear children

Beautiful pink buttercream roses frame this avant-garde birthday cake for a wonderful mother.

Neapolitan birthday cake

A floral cake for Tarisha's birthday. The roses and the striped background were created with strawberry buttercream, chocolate ganaché and vanilla buttercream which made this a Neapolitan cake inside and out!

mirror glaze cake with buttercream violets and primroses

Buttercream violets and primroses, February birth-month flowers adorn a mirror glaze caramelcake - a gift of love for a family member's birthday celebration.

buttercream floral cake for a 72nd birthday in pastel colors

Buttercream flowers in calming pastel colors for a grandma's 72nd birthday.

A tasty and beautiful buttercream floral cake could be a loved person's best gift on their special day.

A buttercream floral cake in pink, white and gold for an 8th birthday party

Flowers and (on) cake in pink+white+goldfor Innae's 8th birthday

heart floral buttercream cake with roses

A gift from a loving son to his mom on her 50th birthday

A cake with buttercream flowers sweetened with honey for a daughter's birthday

A floral cake completely sweetened with honey and maple syrup - cheerful, healthy and divinely delicious!!

A floral mother's day cake to show Mom how much you love and respect her

This floral buttercream cake was dedicated to a wonderful mom on Mother's Day.

A floral buttercream cake looking pretty and tasty - a after-dinner dessert of mocha cake and caramel filling

A simple mocha cake with buttercream flowers for an informal after-dinner dessert.

buttercream rose cascade birthday cake

A buttercream rose cascade cake celebratory cake for Niecy from her beloved mother.

A cake and cupcake ensemble makes a birthday special with colorful flowers and dainty swiss dots

 An ensemble of cake and cupcakes decorated with buttercream flowers for a springtime birthday party.

Floral buttercream cake for a birthday

Say it with flowers and a delicious cake - a gift from our client to his beloved.

cherry blossoms floral buttercream cake

Spring on my mind!!! This delicate buttercream cherry blossoms cake made Ojeida's 20th birthday celebration a little extra special.

for the birthday of twins

A sweet & tangy speckled raspberry buttercream cake for the birthday twins Litty & Siena.

A turquoise floral buttercream cake for an 80th birthday

Aged to perfection  - a gift from a daughter on Mom's 80th birthday

A low-carb floral buttercream cake for a type 1 diabetic

A low-carb, sugar-freebuttercream floral cake for a birthday party.

A summery hued floral cake - pretty and tasty tres leches cake with dulce de leche filling

A summery hued floral cake - pretty and tasty tres leches cake with dulce de leche filling

Floral buttercream cake for a grandma's 75th birthday

For Lola (grandma)'s 75th birthday presented by Ashleigh celebrating her Sweet 16

Spring cakes with garden beauties

Spring cakes with a plethora of colors, blossoms and garden beauties

a floral buttercream cake for a centenarian

A floral buttercream beauty for a centenarian's birthday celebrations.

mother's day cake with buttercream flowers and cookie topper

Butter-pecan cake + dulce de leche filling + maple buttercream frosting, topped off with decadent chocolate cookies spelt as "MOM"- a delicious finale to Mary's Mother's Day celebration.

buttercream succulents adorn a birthday cake

A tres leches cake decorated with silky smooth buttercream succulents and topped with Jessica's name.

january birth month flowers - carnations and snowdrops in buttercream

A delicious carrot cake embellished by buttercream carnations and snowdrops, January's birth-month flowers - a gift to a mom by her loving son.

red roses adorn this birthday cake for a loving daughter

Red buttercreamroses for Sonam Lama's 21st birthday.


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